On today’s episode we answer listener questions. Our first is a great question about not getting along with a boss with who leads as “a dictator, not a tyrant.” How can this team member survive in their position for the next two years in order to reach vesting retirement? It’s all about implementing the right survival techniques to weather out the storm. The second is from a frustrated manager who is trying to keep peace among rivalry corporate offices. Brandon suggests the key is to drive clarity and transparency and perhaps better lunches? In case you haven’t heard, Brandon has written several Workplace Therapy Guides that he combines to create “The Happiness at Work Formula.” You can purchase those at thehappinessatworkformula.com. If you’ve already read those, but haven’t checked out Brandon’s recently-published book “The Hot Sauce Principle: Learning to Love & Lead In a World Where Everything is Urgent All the Time,” why haven’t you? Please do! And an Amazon review would be more than appreciated! Thanks!

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