Leadership & Workplace Communication Expert
As a leading expert in leadership communication and eliminating workplace dysfunction, Brandon Smith combines wit, humor, research and practicality to help audiences overcome some of the biggest challenges facing workplaces today.  Brandon and his work have frequently appeared in numerous media outlets including The WallStreet Journal, Fox News, NPR Marketplace, Huffington Post Business, The Today Show, Glamour, and many others.

Among other topics, Brandon can discuss:
Effective leadership communication – from Marissa Mayer at Yahoo to Dan Cathy at Chick-fil-A,  the most effective ways leaders need to communicate to their constituencies to avoid controversy and maintain alignment
Corporate crisis communication – from announcing layoffs to managing CEO blunders, the best ways to deliver bad news
Combating dysfunctional co-workers and unhealthy workplaces – from nasty bosses to backstabbing coworkers, the best survival tactics and strategies for fighting unhealthy workplace dynamics
Surviving workplace trauma – getting over the emotional fallout after a workplace tragedy and enacting coping measures for any workplace struggling to get past a disturbing or traumatic workplace event
Managing stress and burnout at work – how to achieve work / life balance and other personal strategies for surviving today’s workplace

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Great leaders don’t bring the right answers.
They ask the right questions.
Brandon Smith