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Whether on TV, radio or through consulting, coaching, teaching, and high-fiving, Brandon has been solving leadership and culture challenges for over 20 years. He’s seen it all, and somehow he’s still smiling.

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On The Air

Brandon takes on workplace challenges every week on The Brandon Smith Show.

The Blog

Therapist, professor, consultant and radio host, Brandon takes on workplace dysfunction on his blog.

Happiness at Work

Most people jump from job to job every few years, never finding one they love. Let’s change that. There are 3 things you need to find true happiness at work. Which of these elements are you missing?

Media Relations

Brandon Smith is a highly sought after expert who combines humor, research and practical steps to help audiences overcome some of the biggest challenges facing workplaces today.

Dysfunction lives in dark places. Eliminate it by getting clear on what you want, need and expect.

Brandon Smith

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