How to live and lead in a world where everything is urgent all of the time.


If you’re a leader

Learn how to properly use urgency to motivate, rather than burn out your team. Discover how to effectively put hot sauce on the right things and not everything that leaves your kitchen.

If you’re the recipient of others’ urgency

How you can properly respond so as to not be infected by urgency overload? Understand what you must do in order to protect yourself and maintain balance in an out-of-kilter urgent world.

If you feel overwhelmed by urgency in your personal life

Discover when you should use urgency at home and when you should not. Learn how to ascertain the appropriate amount of hot sauce to use with your spouse, your kids, even your volunteer positions.
“Every leader must read Brandon Smith’s The Hot Sauce Principle. It comes at no better time. Whether it is the challenges of leading through a crisis, or our daily lives, Brandon gives practical tips and wisdom for dealing in an environment where everything is urgent. From a first-time manager to the executive suite leader, you will find invaluable insights. It is one of those books you will read and then re-read. It can help you be a better leader today.”

P.K. Ken Keen, LTG, Retired, U.S. Army
Assoc. Dean for Leadership Development, Goizueta Business School, Emory University.


Most people jump from job to job every few years, never finding one they love. Let’s change that. There are 3 things you need to find true happiness at work. Let’s get started!

IF YOU ARE UNHAPPY AT WORK, THIS IS FOR YOU. I feel you. It feels like you’re wasting your time, your effort, and maybe even your life. It’s frustrating and it’s depressing. Simply put, work should not have to suck. I’m on a mission to help you learn the tools to find happy work. That is what these guides will do. In these guides you will get the exact process I’ve used with hundreds of clients so you can make an epic move into the best career situation of your life.

How to Find and Get Your Perfect Job

Most people jump from job to job every few years, never finding the true right one. It’s like most of us are walking down a hallway looking for the right door in the dark. Let’s turn on the light and step into the perfect situation.

With the exercises inside this guide, you will build your key tool for breaking the cycle of unfulfilling jobs: an immensely inspiring, usefully detailed, unabashedly authentic personal vision for your best work. You will also learn about the job traps we all fall into and how to avoid them.

This is your compass and your map. I will walk you step by step through this process and show you how to find and get your perfect job while you learn more about yourself than you ever knew and inspire others along the way.

How to Find and Get Your Perfect Workplace Culture

The right culture can give you tons of energy and inspiration every day. When your workplace culture is an authentic match for you, work fits seamlessly every day into your best life.

There are so many variables to a culture, but the right answers for you all stem from the same place: your core values. These values are so central to who you are that they tend to define all the things that attract you and all the things that push you away. They subconsciously influence almost everything you do.

Can you confidently declare the most important values that are really driving you? Once you name them, do you know how to use them to find your ideal workplace environment? That’s what you will do, step by step, with this book.

How to Find and Get Your Perfect Boss

According to Gallup’s surveys of over 1 million US workers, the #1 reason people leave jobs is problems with their boss.

Our bosses have so much influence over our work, and quite frankly, our whole day. Working for the right boss alone can be a winning career strategy. This piece is hugely important yet often completely overlooked when making career decisions.

You need to know how to identify this boss. This book walks you through all the essential questions you need to answer. You will also learn all the steps for turning your current boss into that perfect leader you want them to be. For some of us, this is our most important process for creating true, long-lasting, exciting, inspiring workplace happiness.