In most cases, the warning signs that you are losing your rock star status at work are the same whether you are an up-and-coming high performer or a senior leader who has been “on top of the charts” for decades.

But there are some warning signs for the senior leader that are slightly different.   A good friend of mine, Randy Hain, Managing Partner of Bell Oaks Executive Search and I came up with following list:

  • You are no longer being included in strategy decisions – Have you noticed that you have much more time on your hands?  That you are no longer “required” to be present at some of the strategy meetings that you once dreaded?  Be careful.  While you think this means they value your time, this may really mean that they no longer value your opinion.
  • Head hunters aren’t calling – The “real” rock stars are known inside and outside of their industry and they are wooed regularly.  Even in this economy, there are plenty of jobs available to the rock star.  So, when was the last time your phone rang?
  • You are not included in informal social gatherings – Do members of the senior leadership team invite you over to their homes?  Do you and your spouse go out with other team members and their spouses?  Do your peers make an effort to get to know you?  If not, you need to ask yourself “why not?”
  • No one listens anymore – I recently attended a company-wide social event.  The senior leader stood up to speak to kick off festivities and set the tone for the evening.  The members of the organization looked up for a moment, saw who was speaking and then continued their conversations with each other.  Are you getting ignored when you speak?

To sum these up, if you are a senior leader and you are beginning to notice that you are frequently left alone at work, it is not a sign of others “respecting your time.”  It is more likely a sign that your opinion is no longer valued.  You are at risk of becoming no longer relevant.  You need to get your fans back… and fast.