This month’s dysfunction is a subtle variation of one of the most challenging situations we experience in our careers: The Boss. Boss-related dysfunctions are not new and definitely aren’t new to our conversation. In past months we’ve discussed dysfunctions related to not trusting our boss as well as situations when we don’t think our boss likes us (click here for the all-time most read post). This month, we are going to take the theme of “boss” in different direction. Maybe you like your boss just fine and you trust him or her. However, no matter what you try, you can’t seem to get your boss to listen to you. Whether it’s getting your boss to hear your brilliant ideas or to listen to your needs, a boss that listens is a wonderful thing. A boss that doesn’t listen is, well… not.

This month we are talking about ways to get heard by your boss. Amongst other topics, we’ll be covering:

  • Signs your boss isn’t listening to you
  • How to get a busy boss to listen to you
  • How to get a new boss to listen to you
  • Your prescription for maximizing being heard

At the end of the month, if we haven’t got you fully heard, you should be on your way. And if you done everything you can and nothing seems to be working, then you may need to look at this past dysfunction of the month for the next step. But let’s don’t get too hasty. With a little work and a good plan, getting others to listen to us isn’t impossible.  Fun, no.  But possible?  Yes.