What better way to end a year than with a little inspiration. After all, who doesn’t want to be inspired?  I was working with a client recently who said to me: “I just feel flat. Nothing in work excites me, my personal life is just ‘blah’ and I don’t see anything changing. When I was younger, this was not how I pictured my life turning out.” Can you relate? Have you ever felt as though there was an enormous wet blanket draped over your shoulders, dampening any spark you might have once had? Have you ever felt you were just going through the motions, wondering “what is the point?” …Is this you right now?

This month is about inspiration.  Getting it and keeping it.  Amongst other things, we’ll be tackling the following important questions:

    • Have you forgotten who you are?
    • Why does the world need you more today than ever?
    • What if you had only one year left to live? What would you do?
    • What are you going to start saying “no” to?

We’ll be looking at some of the most inspirational stories I/we have come across to not only help us answer some of these questions, but to give us the spark and courage to make it happen. My hope is that at the end of this month you can say three things about yourself and the life you are building:

    1. You feel “the spark” of inspiration inside of you
    2. You can see the path towards the life you want to live
    3. You are beginning to act in ways that are inspiring to those around you

Inspiration is contagious. This is one “germ” you need to catch, feed and actively spread.

So, are you living a life full of inspiration? Do you want one? Hop on board and let’s get there together.

As a teaser, If you haven’t seen Steve Jobs’ commencment address at Stanford, it’s a must.