I was having dinner with a client last week and in the middle of dinner, she paused, looked up over her salad and with a steely seriousness she said to me: “Is this it? Is this all there is? I just don’t feel any excitement or fulfillment at work. It feels like I am just going through the motions.” Does that sound like you? Hands down, the most frequently asked question I receive is: “how do I find fulfillment at work?” Everything from passion to meaning and purpose. We’re all looking for it.  So how about you? Are you energized with your work? Do you find meaning in what you do?  Or do you feel as though the work you do is slowly killing you with every key stroke?

This month and next, we will tackle this dysfunction: “Is this it? Finding fulfillment at work.” Throughout the series we’ll cover, amongst other things:

  • Passion vs. Fulfillment
  • The 5 questions to finding meaning and fulfillment in your work… and life
  • What can you do to start down the path of finding fulfillment in your work?
  • And if you are the leader, what can you do to create a workplace full of fulfillment?

Every week, I’ll kick off our conversation by addressing one of these big questions. Throughout the week I’ll collect and share stories, examples and other opinions as we dig in. By the end of the series, if we haven’t cured this dysfunction, we’ll do a darn good job treating it!

Write to me with your stories, examples or opinions on the subject. I promise to protect the innocent (and guilty!).

So, are you a poster child for fulfillment at work or are you a lost soul? What if this is as good as it gets? Never fear, help is on the way!