Do you trust your boss?  More importantly, should you trust your boss?  And if you are the boss, do your people trust you?  What can you do?  All good questions that we will be tackling this month as we take on an all-too-common (and very dangerous) dysfunction – “I don’t trust my boss.”  So why does this matter?  Research has shown that in environments where trust is high – particularly with one’s boss, there is a strong correlation with high performance.  In addition, research has also shown that when trust is low at work, the toll taken on not only our performance, but our mental and emotional well-being is equally high.  And frankly, who wants to work in an environment where they believe they have to watch their back… particularly when the boss is around?

This month, we will tackle this dysfunction: “I don’t trust my boss.”  Throughout the month we’ll cover, amongst other things:

  • Should I trust my boss?
  • What are reasons why I may not trust my boss? … And could it be me?
  • If I am the boss, what can I do to build trust with my team?
  • If I don’t trust my boss, what can I do?

Every Monday, I’ll kick off our conversation for the week by addressing one of these big questions.  Throughout the week I’ll collect and share stories, examples and other opinions as we dig in.  By the end of the month, if we haven’t cured this dysfunction, we’ll do a darn good job treating it!

So, write to me with your stories, examples or opinions on the subject.  I promise to protect the innocent (and guilty!).

And off we go!