Brandon on GPB – Dress Code

The old saying goes, “Dress for success.”

Some folks are taking that all the way to the corner office – or at least taking their style cues from the occupant of that office.

dress-codeIt might sound crazy to dress like your boss or your organization’s CEO/president/executive director. It’s not, says Brandon Smith, our regular commentator on workplace and career issues.

“The way they dress is sending a couple of really important messages,” he says. “It’s first telling you, ‘here’s what I expect of the culture of the place, the formality or informality.’

“They also are signaling to us what they want the brand or the image of the organization to be,” Smith says. “Are we a blue-collar, kind of get-our-hands-dirty, get-stuff-done kind of group? Are we more of a white-collar, formal, this-is-serious, professional, we’re-dealing-with-important-things kind of group? How do we want the world to see us?”

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