How do we bring more joy to our lives and the way we operate in the world? As we close the days of 2020, a year where fear was pervasive and overwhelming, we look ahead to finding a way to live life more joyfully.

Today’s guest is Maureen Sweatman, Chief JOY Officer and Certified Career & Life Coach at Joyful Living. In addition to her Coaching Certification, Maureen holds an M.Div & MBA from Emory University. She explains that people come to her when they’re unhappy or struggling in their careers and usually want her help in finding a better job or employment path. But she says her real job is “holding people accountable to choosing joy.” We often think that joy is just going to one day descend upon us, but that’s not how we actually achieve joy.

Maureen Offers us 5 Steps To Creating More Joy in Your Life. First, we must debunk the myth that Joy is a destination. The truth is that joy is within you right now, but you have to choose it. And the work is the choosing.

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