Making Weekends Work Doesn’t Mean Working On The Weekends

Brandon on GPB – Making Weekends Work Doesn’t Mean Working On The Weekends

What makes successful people, well, successful?

Certainly it’s a combination of lots of different habits, skills and approaches. But authors and career coaches have found in talking to high-achievers that the way they handle their weekends is one element.

Most aren’t using those days to cram in more work. Instead, they’re using them for what is, ostensibly, their intended purpose: recharging, resetting and relaxing.

“[Successful people] know that they need that day or two to reset and to nurture the other components in their life,” said Brandon Smith, a career consultant and executive coach who also teaches business students at Emory and Georgia State universities. “What these people realize is that life is like a report card: it’s not about doing well in one class, it’s about doing well in all aspects of life.

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2 replies
  1. Kristen says:

    I could not agree more with your advice. Since December I have implemented a strict no-work (and no commitment) policy on Sundays and have reserved Saturdays for focusing on productive, non work-related activities such as language study and other personal projects. Not only do I feel better overall, but I’m getting more done. My work is flowing with more ease and effectiveness. Plus, frankly, I’m just happier. Great segment!

  2. Brandon Smith says:

    Thanks Kristen. Yep, nothin’ like a good weekend routine and healthy boundaries. Just so hard to keep ’em… at least that’s always my challenge. Though I’m good with the sleep part!

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