Leaving Too Soon?

Brandon on GPB – Leaving Too Soon?

Accepting a great career opportunity sometimes means workers have to leave a position they’ve had for only a short time. Consider this example from someone who reads Brandon Smith’s blog about working and career issues:

exit-emergency_fcl1971_stockxchng_h“I started a job 4 months ago because of the promise to build a particular skill set on the job. I learned on day one from my manager that there will be no time to develop this skill set,” she wrote to Smith (she has asked to withhold her name).

The writer says she spent some time looking for other work and found “a position that is a near-perfect match with my existing skills and track record.

“I was encouraged to apply, and I just recently received an offer,” she wrote. But: “I am worried about my reputation with [my current] company if I leave after four months, and I am wondering whether I should also worry about future jobs down the line.”

The bad news: such a short stint in a job has the potential to raise red flags with future employers, said Smith, a workplace and career consultant who also teaches in the business schools at Emory and Georgia State universities.

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3 replies
  1. Carl says:

    I have been there and shared all these concerns. In the end, i feel too many companies value longevity mire than contribution and struggle with deciding when to find a way to make it work and when to cut losses and make the move.

  2. Fanny says:

    Hi Brandon, I was the person who asked this question a few years ago! I came across this post while researching another career question (what a coincidence). I wanted to say thank you again for the advice; I applied all of it! It really reassured me, because I was agonizing over the decision. I did in fact leave the campsite better than I found it: I surpassed the expected goals during my time there, continued to be very pleasant with my colleagues and genuinely expressed my appreciation for the time I spent working for them. They even threw me a going-away party, actually, which was more than I’d expected.
    As for how I’ve talked about that experience to other potential employers: well, I’ve been honest. I explained that “the expectations were not met, which left me a bit disenchanted, but that I was committed to helping the organization achieve its goals during my time with them. To that end, I did ABC.” Then I’d talk about why now I am interested in this role I’m applying for. I’ve haven’t received a negative response to my candor in the 2 years since.

    Anyway, thanks again!

  3. Brandon Smith says:

    You are a rock-star! You handled a difficult situation with grace, composure and professionalism. The cream always rises to the top and now you are there! You make me proud. 🙂

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