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Is your boss playing favorites?

Does your boss have a favorite at work… that isn’t you? You know what I’m talking about. Your boss makes “googly” eyes at the favorite. The two are routinely spotted whispering together, plotting. And when the time comes to choose someone for one of the better tasks, you know who your boss is going to pick and it won’t be you. Here’s the most frightening element about favorites at work, they wield more power today than ever before. Why you might ask? Simple. Leaders (and organizations for that matter) are avoiding any and all risk at every turn. They...

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Signs your boss doesn’t like you

Does your boss like you? And what if he or she doesn’t? What could that mean for you and your career? Simply put – really bad stuff could be in store for you. The horror stories I have heard from those whose bosses didn’t like him or her are astounding. Devastating performance reviews with no basis, demotions, transfers, being undermined at every turn, long-hours, you name it. Imagine your worst nightmare and like a bad horror flick on the Syfy channel, I’ve seen it made a reality. So, what are the signs that your boss doesn’t like you? Consider...

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“I don’t think my boss likes me”

If you are like most people, you’ve had at least one new boss over the last several years. Heck, you may have had a revolving door of bosses – a veritable cornucopia of managers – and just when you get one you like, they are yanked from you like ripping a plush teddy bear from a toddler. I had a former student reach out to me several months ago with the complaint that she has had 5 different bosses over the last year! That’s practically a different boss every two months. Insanity. The real challenge comes in when you get...

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Setting inspirational goals

‘Tis the season for goal setting, at least that has always been the case for me this time of year.  In fact, my wife turned to me last night and said “so, what are your goals for 2018?”  Before I share with you my answers, let me share with you my perspective on goal setting. I’m a big believer in annual goals.  I think they provide a great way for each of us to stay on track and to measure / monitor how we are doing along the way and how we did during the past year.  I’m an even bigger...

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What if you had only one year to live?

What if you had only one year to live? I know… what a depressing thought, but hear me out. Let’s just say, solely for argument’s sake, you were told that your days were numbered and you only had a year left. What would you do? Who would you spend time with? What would you change? How would you live your last year? “O.k. Timeout. What does any of this have to do with inspiration?” you might ask (after all, inspiration is the topic of the month)? Plenty. But before we can go any further, let’s look at the definition of inspiration....

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