Overcoming the Production Trap with Jodie Charlop

“Doing more doesn’t make you more valuable.” Now that’s a tough statement to swallow! Executive Coach and Guardian of Your Future, Jodie Charlop, joins Brandon on the show to share three tips for overcoming the production trap to take back your life and add more value. 

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A note from Brandon

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  1. Karen Salisbury says:

    Hi Brandon – interesting topic, and it got me thinking about how the production trap can impact a “successful” retirement. If I believe that my value is based on being busy, helping others, solving problems, getting involved in a myriad of projects, how do I successfully back away from that mindset in retirement? it’s like I need to do all these things to be happy, yet I’ve let much that go. I wanted to expand the notion that this trap impacts more than just our work life, but retirement life as well. I will spend some time on what I need, want and wish for. Really good topic and discussion.

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