Leadership Therapy: Finding Purpose in Seasons of Change

It can be easy to find purpose at work… we’re hired to complete a specific set of tasks that are vital to the company. But, how do we find purpose during retirement or a major career shift? And can our purpose change? In this Leadership Therapy edition, Brandon shares important insight for continued growth and meaning in life during all seasons.

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A note from Brandon
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  1. Karen Salisbury says:

    How sweet to tune in and hear you talk about my comment about meaning and purpose in retirement. Very interesting. I’m actually doing great, similar things to what you mentioned. enjoying, learning new things and enjoying new opportunities. Started participating in Water Aerobics, and will be a leader next summer. Also in process of training to volunteer at a local hospice facility. Never done that before, but feel like I could really be good in that environment.

    Great neighbors and new friends. I feel blessed, Brandon. Enjoy listening and staying a bit connected.

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