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Should you trust your boss?

Should you trust your boss?   That’s a big question, and you might be surprised by my answer – “No, you shouldn’t trust your boss.”  Let me explain.  The problem exists in how we define “trust.”  Too often, we define “trusting our boss” in a way that places unrealistic expectations on him / her.  We expect […]

“I don’t trust my boss”

Do you trust your boss?  More importantly, should you trust your boss?  And if you are the boss, do your people trust you?  What can you do?  All good questions that we will be tackling this month as we take on an all-too-common (and very dangerous) dysfunction – “I don’t trust my boss.”  So why […]

Prescription – getting and keeping your rock star status at work

This month we’ve tackled one of the more common dysfunctions in recent years “I thought I was a rock star… until they let me go.”  We’ve spotted the warning signs and we’ve leaped over the traps.  Now it’s time to think proactively about what we can do to maintain our status as “rock stars” at […]

3 final rock star traps that can cost you your reputation… and your job

We’ve talked about many of the dangerous traps that rock stars at work face: becoming high maintenance, not following the rules and ceasing to build the relationships at work they need.  However, the traps don’t end there.  There are three more dangerous traps that snag high performers at work and drag them down and out.  […]

Have you stopped networking at work?

Have you stopped networking at work?  Networking – there’s that word that we hear so often these days.  It’s an incredibly important and vastly overused term.  So what do we mean when we say “networking at work” and why does it matter to us?  Simply put, we are talking about investing in and building relationships […]

Have you stopped following the rules at work?

Have you stopped following the rules at work?  You’re probably thinking “Of course not.”  How dare I even propose such a ridiculous accusation.  Shame on me.  But just suppose what I’m suggesting isn’t too far from the truth.  If you were gut-level honest with yourself, are you “really” following all the rules at work?   This […]

Have you become high-maintenance at work?

Have you become high-maintenance at work?  Has your rock star status gone to your head?  Perhaps one of the most common traps for high performers is the creeping desire for “special” treatment.  After all, haven’t you earned it?  Back in the 1980’s, the band Van Halen took this high maintenance trap to an extreme by […]

Warning signs for the senior leader that you may be at risk of losing your job

In most cases, the warning signs that you are losing your rock star status at work are the same whether you are an up-and-coming high performer or a senior leader who has been “on top of the charts” for decades. But there are some warning signs for the senior leader that are slightly different.   A good friend of […]

Warning signs you are losing your fans

Remember VH1’s show “Behind the Music”? A fantastic and over-the-top show about the life of a rock star. Each show followed the same predictable formula: an aspiring rocker has a meteoric rise to fame and fortune, and then for various reasons (often self-induced), has an equally noteworthy fall to the bottom. The show would then […]