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“I’m afraid to make the changes I need to make in my career and life”

Fear.  Who can’t relate to this common dysfunction?  Whether it’s a fear of failure, a fear of financial insecurity, or even a fear of disappointing others, we all have our fears.  And those fears, while likely grounded in some truth, cost us a pretty penny.  How often have you stayed in a situation that you […]

Prescription – what you can do when you don’t trust your boss

  This month we’ve tackled a dysfunction that nearly all of us have encountered at some point in our careers: “I don’t trust my boss.”  I think you would agree me that this is not a fun situation to be a part of.  Whether our boss breaks our trust because he or she is unethical, […]

Prescription for Leaders – building trust with your employees / team

This month we’ve tackled a delicate dysfunction “I don’t trust my boss.”  But what if you are the boss?  What can you do to get your team to trust you?   After all, no wants to be seen as untrustworthy –  particularly you. Building trust is actually a pretty simple formula.  Here it is: Trust = […]

Trust Breaker #3: My boss is difficult to read

Is your boss difficult to read?  Do you feel like interactions with your boss are more like playing poker against someone who is holding their cards close to their chest?  That wondering and guessing about our boss’ intentions can quickly erode into mistrust.  One of the fundamental principles in communication is that in the absence […]

Should you trust your boss?

Should you trust your boss?   That’s a big question, and you might be surprised by my answer – “No, you shouldn’t trust your boss.”  Let me explain.  The problem exists in how we define “trust.”  Too often, we define “trusting our boss” in a way that places unrealistic expectations on him / her.  We expect […]

“I don’t trust my boss”

Do you trust your boss?  More importantly, should you trust your boss?  And if you are the boss, do your people trust you?  What can you do?  All good questions that we will be tackling this month as we take on an all-too-common (and very dangerous) dysfunction – “I don’t trust my boss.”  So why […]