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Passion vs. Fulfillment – What’s the difference?

What’s the difference between passion and fulfillment? Is there a difference? As you noodle on that, let me tell you a story. Tamara loved what she did. She lived in the Caribbean and held a prominent marketing role for a large company. Her job was to bounce from island to island, building relationships with locals, tasting […]

“Is this it? Finding fulfillment at work”

I was having dinner with a client last week and in the middle of dinner, she paused, looked up over her salad and with a steely seriousness she said to me: “Is this it? Is this all there is? I just don’t feel any excitement or fulfillment at work. It feels like I am just going […]

Prescription – Finding the “right” culture for you

This month we’ve been tackling an all-too-common dysfunction: “This is NOT the right corporate culture for me.” We’ve all been there. We accept a job that looks great on paper, only to find out that the culture is not right for us. So, are you in the wrong culture and if so, how do you […]

Prescription for Leaders – Creating the “right” culture

Who can’t relate to this month’s dysfunction: “This is NOT the right corporate culture for me.” The good news is that as a leader, you can do something about it. Whether you are the manager of a department or sit atop an organization, you have the power to change a culture by your words and […]

Top 4 worst corporate cultures: #1 “This is an unethical culture”

Is your workplace unethical? Unethical cultures took the top spot on our list as the #1 worst corporate culture. Why you might ask? Very simple, while the other cultures are arguably more painful to live in, this culture, unlike the others, can have a lingering impact on you LONG AFTER you leave. At best, it […]

Top 4 worst corporate cultures: #2 “This is an abusive culture”

Is your workplace abusive? Definitely worthy of the #2 slot on this countdown, abusive workplaces take huge tolls on everyone they touch. And I’m not just talking about physical abuse. I’m talking about cultures that foster mental and emotional abuse. The kind of abuse that wears on you over time until you begin to lose […]

Top 4 worst corporate cultures: #3 “My company’s culture is too political”

Is your organization too political? First, let me clarify one thing about office politics: if you are working with other people then you work in a political environment. Simple as that. But true highly political cultures are things to behold. They move with a slowness, irrationality and self-destructiveness that probably closest resembles a sinking Titanic. […]

Top 4 worst corporate cultures: #4 “This is a cut-throat culture”

Cut-throat cultures are one of the worst corporate cultures to be a part of. Characterized by frequent back-stabbing, unethical behavior and high stress, this particular type of culture is absolutely torturous to those in it – whittling away at their confidence, health and sanity slowly but surely. So are you in a “cut-throat” culture? Here […]

Warning signs that you are in the wrong corporate culture

Are you wondering if you are in the wrong corporate culture? For the clients I work with, there are some significant “tell tale” signs – and they aren’t pretty. Being in the wrong corporate culture for an extended period of time can cost us our health, sanity and in some cases our very soul. Here […]