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How to Eliminate Dysfunction at the Culture Level with David Shanklin

For better or worse, emotions are contagious in the workplace. So how do we build a culture around all things good, from a dedicated and caring leader, to pleasant relationships with coworkers to top-notch productivity? David Shanklin, Head of Culture Strategy at CultureIQ explains how understanding the “why” behind your organization will help eliminate dysfunction […]

The How and Why of Leaping into Entrepreneurship with Charles Goetz

Rule #1: If you’re in it for money, “don’t bother!” Who better to discuss the ingredients of being a successful entrepreneur than with Charles Goetz, Professor of Entrepreneurship and Business Development at Emory University! As Author, serial entrepreneur and starter of nine new ventures, Charles shares invaluable insight for anyone considering the path of entrepreneurship. […]

3 Steps for Building Influence with Jennifer McClure

At times, being purposeful can feel uncomfortable! While speaking, building content and even forming new relationships seems daunting, these are the best paths to form influence. Jennifer McClure, CEO Unbridled Talent and DisruptHR joins the show to explain these steps and how best to implement them.  Show Resources: Solve your Workplace Happiness Formula. Are Emotions Contagious […]

Leadership Therapy: Four Signs Your Boss Isn’t Into You & What You Can Do

Get the feeling your boss ins’t your biggest fan? Vague performance reviews, a demotion or a non-responsive boss are all warning signs. In this Leadership Therapy edition of the Brandon Smith Show, Brandon details four signs your boss isn’t into you and how to handle each situation!  Show Resources: Solve your Workplace Happiness Formula. Are Emotions […]