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Leadership Therapy: Four Signs Your Boss Isn’t Into You & What You Can Do

Get the feeling your boss ins’t your biggest fan? Vague performance reviews, a demotion or a non-responsive boss are all warning signs. In this Leadership Therapy edition of the Brandon Smith Show, Brandon details four signs your boss isn’t into you and how to handle each situation!  Show Resources: Solve your Workplace Happiness Formula. Are Emotions […]

Leadership Therapy: Tips for Handling Dysfunctional Coworkers

Slackers, rockstar employees with bad attitudes, the backstabber… shall we go on? During this episode of Leadership Therapy, Brandon Smith, the Workplace Therapist, examines the various types of dysfunctional employees and offers three tips on how we can deal with them and remain happy in the workplace! Show Resources: Solve your Workplace Happiness Formula. Are Emotions […]

Generational Communication with Abby Smith

This episode is lit. Brandon’s daughter, Abby Smith, joins the show to talk tips for generational communication, specifically Gen Z. What words are in? What words are out? How can GenZers best communicate with older generations and strengthen relationships? Listen in for funny family stories and an insightful life hack from Abby. Mentioned in Show: […]

Four Things Every Entrepreneur Needs to Successfully Grow a Business with Eric Holtzclaw

Laddering Works Founder, Eric Holtzclaw joins Brandon to share tips for entrepreneurs seeking to grow their company from startup to a professionally run business. Eric reminds us that growth takes time, meetings are a good thing and how being aware of our own personal “style” can foster stronger relationships with employees. Eric’s Life Hack: When […]