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Prescription – Overcoming dysfunction

“Am I dysfunctional?” How many of us have asked ourselves that question? That has been our theme this month. Simply put, if you continue to relive the same unpleasant patterns over and over again in your life (Ex: you consistently have co-worker issues regardless of the job, you’ve never gotten along with any of your bosses throughout your career, you’ve been fired more than a few times, you have a long history of failed personal relationships, etc…) and you are the only common denominator, it’s time to look in the mirror. There comes a time when the answer lies...

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Playground dysfunctions at work

Dysfunctional is a funny word – particularly because it has the word “functional” in it. I love that irony, but I particularly think there is tremendous value in looking at the “functional” side of any dysfunction. While we can all agree that dysfunctions are destructive things, what is interesting about almost all dysfunctions is that they worked for us at some point in our lives. Dysfunctions are sneaky that way. They get us something (or at least the illusion of a pay-off), but eventually they cost us more than they get us down the road. So, I thought what...

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Are you carrying extra baggage?

I just returned last night from a short weekend trip. As I was frantically navigating the airport gauntlet, jumping onto trains and dodging other passengers desperately trying to get to my gate, my shoulders began barking in agony. Turns out, my trusty carry-on, a hanging bag that I’ve had for nearly 20 years, is on its last leg. Carrying that bag with its broken handle and poorly padded shoulder strap painfully reminded me of two things about us: 1. We’ve all got bags that we carry around with us through life with many of us using the same bags...

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The tale of the workaholic

Adam was your typical overachiever. He had an inner drive to be perfect in everything he did. From his career to his hobbies and even down to his exercise regimen, he was always “all in.” Adam worked that philosophy until eventually it cost him nearly everything he had… Adam’s Story Adam grew up in small coal mining town to two hard-working blue collar parents. The oldest of 5 children, Adam watched his parents struggle to make ends meet at every turn. From failed businesses to juggling multiple jobs, it seemed like they were always just keeping their heads above...

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Are you dysfunctional? – QUIZ

Are you dysfunctional? The answer is probably yes… we are all dysfunctional in our own unique ways. The better question is “what is your dysfunction costing you?” Way back in my clinical days, when we were assessing a patient we would always ask: “is this person in danger of hurting him/herself or in danger of hurting others?” If the answer was “yes,” we had to step in. As you consider your unique dysfunctions and what they might be costing you, consider this version of that very same question: “Are my beliefs and actions costing me from having the life...

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