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Have you stopped following the rules at work?

Have you stopped following the rules at work?  You’re probably thinking “Of course not.”  How dare I even propose such a ridiculous accusation.  Shame on me.  But just suppose what I’m suggesting isn’t too far from the truth.  If you were gut-level honest with yourself, are you “really” following all the rules at work?   This […]

Are you doing meaningful work?

If we were to be gut-level honest with ourselves, we would all say that we want to do meaningful work that we feel called to do. But how many of us can actually say that we have “meaningful” jobs? Before I go too much further, let me clarify “meaningful” as it relates to work. All […]

What if help isn’t coming?

What if help isn’t coming? I would bet that you probably haven’t sat down and really asked yourself that question. If you are like the rest of us, you probably just assume “this can’t last forever.” But what if it can? What if help isn’t coming? – An important question to ask, particularly in light […]

Why “The Workplace Therapist”?

94,365 hours of our lives are spent working. Shouldn’t that time be well spent? The workplace has changed. Mantras such as “Do more with less,” “Today could be your last day,” and “Help is not coming,” permeate our workplaces like never before. Work relationships are more strained and more fleeting than at any time in […]