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How I overcame fear

It was 1998.  I was nearing the finish line for my graduate degree in counseling and I found myself in one of my last classes: “Clinical Diagnosis” (or something like that).  Each week class followed the same script.  The professor would start the class by popping in a tape (yes folks, a VHS tape) and […]

Forget Your Resume – Where’s Your Website?

Brandon on GPB – Forget Your Resume – Where’s Your Website? Some career advisers say a personal website chronicling your work is better—and more dynamic—than a resume nowadays. (See here, here and here for a few examples.) The argument is that having a unique website dedicated to a job-seeker’s career accomplishments and work examples helps […]

Good Buddies, Good Business Partners?

Brandon on GPB – Good Buddies, Good Business Partners? Lots of professionals are now supplementing their income as freelancers or striking out on their own altogether. A study last fall from the consultants at MBO Partners found nearly 18 million independent workers nationwide. No doubt some of those people are running businesses with their friends, […]