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Prescription – Overcoming fear and making changes in your career and life

This month we’ve tackled a dysfunction that affects all of us personally and professionally “I’m afraid to make the changes in my career and life that I want to make.” Who can’t relate to the debilitating effects of fear. Our fears are always bigger in our minds than they really are. We give them pointy teeth and terrifying claws. And the costs associated with listening to our fears are high – in many cases costing us our very souls. That’s a price none of us should be willing to pay. In fact, just yesterday a client of mine told...

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Prescription for Leaders – overcoming fear and stimulating action in your team

This month we’ve tackled a debilitating dysfunction “I’m afraid to make the changes in my career and life that I want to make.” But what if you are the boss? What can you do to help you and your team overcome fear and take action? Here’s a prescription for helping you to fight fear and get your team moving. Mix these in equal parts and take daily: One dose of PURPOSE If you want to fight fear at work and inspire your team, you are going to need to look beyond the tactical “how” of the daily to-do’s and...

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Got Faith?

Got faith?  Faith is the third of three critical ingredients necessary to overcome fear of making change in our careers and lives.  So what is faith?  I’m convinced of two things as it relates to faith: Each of us has our own personal definition of “faith” Either you got it or you don’t Given these two important traits of faith, this is gonna be a short post – but an important one nonetheless.   I’m also going to take a different approach to this topic than I traditionally do.  Rather than break-down faith, analyze it and give you a prescription,...

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Got Courage?

Are you courageous?  Courage is the second of three critical ingredients to overcome fear of change in our lives.  Do you have the courage to make the changes in your life you want to make?   Let me rephrase that… have you discovered the courage inside of you to make the changes in your life you want to make?  Often we think courage is reserved for Superman or Wonder Woman, but it’s not.  Courage is a funny thing.  It can’t come from others or from a magic pill.  Each of us has to reach down deep and find it.  The...

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Got Purpose?

Got purpose in your career? Purpose is one of three critical ingredients necessary to overcome our fear to make changes in our lives.  So what is purpose?  It’s a vastly overused but important term.  Simply put, we can define purpose as it relates to our careers as “work that provides us meaning and fulfillment in our lives.”  Who doesn’t want that?  Purpose is essential to overcoming fear because it helps give us the strength to stand up to those scary monsters under our beds (our fears) on behalf of something bigger.  So, how do you find purpose in your...

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